Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC Builds Brand Awareness in the Carolinas

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Since 2001, Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC has offered a wide-range of plumbing services to the regions of Rock Hill and Lancaster, South Carolina and the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Their ads have appeared on shopping carts since 2012 with an aim to create brand awareness and recognition.

Currently, their advertisements appear in three stores—Harris Teeters and Bi-Lo.

We recently contacted Carter Quality Plumbing to talk about their Adcart experience and learn more about their approach to marketing and brand awareness. Christina Carter, office manager, said her business uses Adcart for branding and to build name recognition.

“People see Chris’ face, and they see us when they are out and about. It’s more or less the branding aspect—always being in front of people,” she said.

How Has Shopping Cart Advertising Benefited Carter Quality Plumbing?

Adcart’s unique form of advertising works by placing a business’s advertisement on the child seat of shopping carts. This patented shopping cart marketing system displays a company’s ad—like Carter Quality Plumbing’s ad (pictured below)—on shopping carts in grocery stores, which are high-traffic hubs for the community.

Customers see the advertisement while they shop, every time they shop. Over time, this builds strong brand awareness, brand recognition and even personal recognition when companies use personal photos.

Carter Quality Plumbing uses owner Chris Carter’s picture for their grocery cart ads. Christina said using his photo has led to more people recognizing Chris and the business hence enhancing brand reconition, which is an essential part of their marketing.

“That’s why we have personalized it with Chris’ face,” she said. “That’s key. It needs to be personal.”

Her advice is to include a personal picture on the advertisements, like headshots, to build trustworthiness and to be recognized within the community.

Aside from Adcart, she said her company uses a variety of marketing methods, including billboards, digital marketing, SEO and even advertising on their company vans.

Marketing on their vans, she said, has been very successful. Their vans are wrapped with Carter Quality Plumbing’s name and contact information and serve as moving billboards.

Whether on the highway or in the supermarket, Carter Quality Plumbing knows marketing success relies on great visibility!

Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC offers a variety of plumbing services in the Charlotte area. Visit their website for more information.

More About Shopping Cart Advertising

Adcart’s unique form of advertising places small billboards on shopping carts in grocery stores. The patented advertising system puts your business’s ad in front of shoppers, from door to register to car.

This advertising medium lets local companies take advantage of the large-scale, national advertising efforts of major supermarkets in their community. Most supermarkets average 15,000 to 30,000 shoppers each week, and this base overlaps with several local businesses.

Companies benefit from the strong branding and solid reputations supermarkets build to attract high volumes of customers and increase their brand awareness. Adcart works with businesses to determine the best location to display the company’s custom-designed, full-color advertising billboard on shopping carts.

There is currently a network of 16 supermarket chains in 33 states where the ads can be displayed.

The company, a division of ShopperLocal, currently holds patents for this shopping cart advertising system, which can display ads on three different placements on any shopping cart.

Why Grocery Stores?

Communities are closely tied to their grocery stores, making them great locations for targeted, direct advertising. Adcart builds brand awareness and recognition in a trusted location.

Grocery stores also spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing each week. Adcart allows small businesses to benefit from this extensive marketing at a fraction of the cost.

Adcart Can Help Grow Your Business and Brand Awareness

Shopping cart advertising builds brand awareness and recognition through sustained and repeat ad exposure in the central part of a community.

Being seen is central to the success of any business, but it’s not about being seen just anywhere. Shopping cart ads are great for local business because they target your advertising to the people most likely to use your services.

If you’re considering a shopping cart advertising campaign to build brand recognition and would like to talk to our representatives for a free consultation, please click here.

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