Why Adcart

ADCART is a cost-effective advertising solution that provides your business with repeat exposure to local shoppers in your community.


18,000-30,000 local shoppers, who live, work and spend money in your local community

Presence in 33 States

400,000+ Carts advertised on in 2015


Over six decades of experience puts us in a position where we understand your business’s needs and know exactly how to put your business in front of your target audience.

Professional Principle

From sales to ad creation, customer service to installations, you will find us completely customer centric. The foundation for our success is very basic; the most qualified people represent our company.


Brand your business directly to the people who live, work, and shop within your community. Building a recognized brand requires time and patience, but Adcart’s unique messaging system turns shopping carts into personalized brand boosters, which are seen by community members for 80,000+ hours each week.

Custom designed Adcart are bolted to the shopping cart — directly in front of every shopper. Our product also includes a valuable aisle directory to help the shoppers move quickly to the products of their choice.

When you first go to a supermarket you grab a shopping cart. You keep it in front of you the entire time, and then you drop it off near your vehicle. Adcart puts your name and message in front of your potential client for almost an hour twice a week, providing your business repeat exposure unattainable through any other advertising medium.

By joining forces with supermarkets, including Harris Teeter, Weis, Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo and more, your name and brand receive maximum visibility.

Advantages of Adcart

Most professions, such as those in insurance, medicine, insurance, and sales, rely on name recognition to build and expand their customers base. Adcart displays your name, your business, and most importantly your face prominently in front of more than 15,000 shoppers every week.

Grocery stores will most likely be any new resident’s first new business relationship after any move. Over the first three months, they will be forming new business relationships, and Adcart can help ensure you’re seen first.

Imagine marketing in the absence of your competitors! Adcart ensures your campaign reaches its full potential by limiting to 5 advertisers in every display location. Furthermore, your business will be the only one from your industry. This also means it’s important to claim your ad space before your competition.

Our extensive national network of partnering supermarkets means that we can choose only the locations that make the most sense for your business. Looking to increase customers from a certain location, or demographic? We can help you decide what locations will have the most impact on your community to ultimately drive more customers to your business.

Call us today (877) 251-4592 to learn more about Adcart and to schedule your free consultation with an Adcart representative.