How to Advertise on Grocery Carts

When you visit the grocery store this week, take a look at how many shopping carts people are pushing down the aisles. It’s probably in the hundreds. Shopping carts are an essential piece of equipment for any trip to the grocery store — but aside from holding groceries, they’re also branding machines.

Do you own a business? Are you a real estate agent, insurance agent, or other professional? If so, then building your personal brand in your community is essential to your success. Putting your face in front of your community is important, but through traditional advertising mediums, it can be expensive and at the same time ineffective.

Branding your business on shopping carts allows you to send impactful messages because the hundreds of people pushing grocery carts in your community are also your future customers. Grocery cart advertising is among the fastest ways to build brand visibility in your community.

So, how can I advertise on Grocery Carts?

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Furthermore, branding agencies such as Adcart are full-service, from design to distribution. Their relationships with multiple store chains mean that your ads are not limited to one or two grocery stores of the same kind. You can place ads in Harris-Teeter, Ingles, Bi-Lo, and Winn-Dixie (well, only if you’re lucky enough to have so many great grocery store chains in your vicinity!)

Design professionals will work with you to craft an ad that shows the many great services your business has to offer. Once you approve the ad’s design, it will be installed in your chosen grocery stores for several months, or throughout the course of your contracted branding period.

What businesses benefit the most from Grocery Cart advertising?

Real Estate

Real estate has a local customer base effectively reached through Adcart’s advertising medium. Most real estate agents build their brand through word of mouth recommendations, which require building a strong reputation in their community. When people are moving, real estate agents want to be the person their community turns to. Grocery cart ads make this happen.


Supermarkets are great places to advertise for insurance because the household’s primary decision maker often does the grocery shopping and most insurance companies serve a primarily local customer base. With targeted, local ads insurance companies can make more connections more quickly.


Hospitals must build a reputation of exceptional care within their community to be successful. Presenting a strong image in the local community is important to forming such a respected reputation and build their patient base.

Auto Dealer

Auto dealers work with drivers. Most people drive to supermarkets, and when grocery store shoppers are looking to upgrade their ride, it’s important to be the dealership on their mind.

Financial Advisor

Key decision and budget makers shop at supermarkets—they’re the people most likely to seek financial advice. Financial advisors can experience tremendous benefits from just being recognized. Repeat exposure builds solid report, greater trust, and attracts new clients.

How do I get started with Grocery Cart advertising?

First, you will need to contact one of our advertising sales consultants. Our consultants will work with you to craft a custom advertising plan that’s tailored to your specific industry and matches your budget.

Grocery cart advertising, however, is given on a first-come, first serve basis. Also, Adcart allows only one business from each industry to guarantee exclusivity. Reach out today to see what grocery cart advertising options are available in your area.

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