Harvey’s Grocery Stores Now Offers Unique Advertising Opportunity for Charlotte-area Businesses

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Harvey’s has replaced several Bi-Lo grocery stores in the Charlotte area, presenting a unique marketing opportunity for local businesses. The new brand — which caters to shoppers seeking value, quality and top-notch service — was founded in Nashville, Georgia and in recent years has rapidly expanded into new markets across the Southeast.

Unlike most grocery store chains, Harvey’s targets their products to the preferences of their surrounding communities. This proprietary form of product targeting ensures loyalty and high levels of satisfaction from local shoppers.

Southeastern Grocery, Harvey’s parent company, has spent millions of dollars (into the double digits) to cover capital, equipment and marketing costs to make the conversions successful. With this investment, local and regional businesses seeking brand awareness are positioned to take advantage of increased foot traffic to the new grocery chain.

In partnership with Adcart, the grocery chain now offers a unique branding opportunity to Charlotte-area businesses. High-visibility billboards on shopping carts within these stores provide a brand awareness solution that achieves a minimum of 800,000 impressions per store each week.

With Harvey’s increased capital investment, Adcart expects the increased foot traffic to achieve even more impressions in the Charlotte market.

“It’s not every day that businesses have the opportunity to reach so many people in their communities,” said Paul Mason, senior vice president of Adcart in the Southeast. “It’s also very rare that supermarkets gain so many loyal customers so rapidly.”

Local businesses can begin their own branding campaigns to take advantage of Harvey’s elevated marketing. Contracts with the supermarket limit only one business from any given industry (For example, automotive dealerships or medical centers), guaranteeing exclusivity for Charlotte-area businesses.

For more information about the exclusive branding opportunities available in these Harvey’s locations, please contact Alberto Mascaro, Adcart’s National Accounts Director by email at amascaro@adcart.com or by phone at (305) 340-9406.

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