How to Brand your Medical Practice in Asheville and Western North Carolina

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April 26, 2017

As a medical center or practice, you know it’s essential that you gain your community’s trust. To gain this trust, however, you must be prominently positioned in Asheville and our surrounding region, which can be extremely difficult to achieve.

Here in the Asheville area building brand awareness for your medical establishment is especially challenging. High media density mean that traditional marketing channels — print, newspaper, TV, radio — and internet and social media are completely saturated. Messages are either lost on listeners or overshadowed by your competitors.

If you are experiencing these issues, please consider Adcart’s solution.

Adcart’s system provides an exclusive branding opportunity for medical practices in our area. Partnerships with Ingles turn 1000s of shopping carts into branding machines, which are pushed by the family’s medical decision maker for an hour or so per week. Collectively, this means more than 100,000 hours of one-on-one contact with Asheville consumers where they are currently shopping in your area.

In a couple of months, grocery shoppers will have heard and seen your message hundreds of times. These shoppers will be familiar with your brand and medical services and are far more likely to become your patients.

Grocery Shoppers are Your Future Patients:
• 70% Female Decision Makers
• Target Specific Demographics
• 9600+ Households per Store
• 1-2 Shopping Trips per Week

Marketing to Build Trust
Ingles and Adcart offer a system that breeds familiarity with community members, which in turn breeds trust.

Custom-designed billboards on 1000s of carts near your practice or practices constantly builds name and face recognition to make yours the most visible and trusted medical center in this part of North Carolina. Your messages are not read once and thrown away — your messages are permanent and visible 7 days a week.

People trust their supermarkets and the products and services they offer. When your medical center is seen within the supermarkets’ walls, your business receives the same implied endorsement as the goods and services it sells. Adcart features only one medical practice in each of our partnering supermarkets. Promote your medical center in several supermarkets, and your message infiltrates our entire region!

You gain familiarity, brand awareness, and trust within your community at the exclusion of your competitors.

Demographic and Geographic Targeting

Supermarkets are community hubs with diverse customer bases. The variety of ages, incomes, and health needs make supermarkets the ideal locations to reach your target patients. From general family care to geriatrics and women’s health, shopping cart advertising enables you to directly message your niche or specialty.

Furthermore, you can control the locations and geographies of where you want to message. Your billboards are seen only in the places that make the most sense for your medical practice by income and age.

Consequently, while targeting specific demographics, your messages are seen by important head of household decision makers — the wives, husbands, and spouses that make important healthcare choices on behalf of themselves and families.

Please keep in mind:

Branding billboards on Ingles shopping carts are distributed on a first-come, first serve basis. The exclusive nature of our branding system means that space is limited in Western North Carolina supermarkets. If you are interested in being seen in high-traffic hubs of your community, please reach out as soon as possible. We can help you determine if Adcart’s branding system is a good fit for your medical practice or practices.